Paul Hunnecutt and His Ranch Hands
Pray For America

This picture was taken when i was 12 years old. Now I'm 80 and I'm a singer songwriter and performer.

I write and play classic country, country rock, and bluegrass. My album "Do The Stagger" is a homemade recording, but I'm doing it professionally soon. See below.

My band and I always have big crowds and we create loads of fun for our audiences.

We are seeking gigs for local and out of town venues. Send quotes to or 870-416-1166.

We are currently seeking quality musicians for our band and we pay them well. For more info, please visit: Meadow View Ranch

Listen to my album below:
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Sample the "Do The Stagger" album below.

Do The Stagger
When I Think About You
I Confess, He Did It
I've Got To Move On
What Does It Take To Win
A Quick Jump Start
Hard Times Have Got A Crush On Me
My Soul's On Crutches
The No Reason Blues
That You Lord

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